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Parallel SEO is an online advertisement agency that helps companies build a presence online. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing and Website Development. Our goal is to make your website become irresistible to visitors and place you at the top of search engine rankings.

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We Commit

Parallel SEO’s approach to search engine marketing is derived from our many years of experience. Our commitment to our customers is to give them affordable and profitable SEO services. Our plan is based on clean and transparent SEO practices. We have a dedicated group of individuals that share both inspiration and ideas to make your goals a reality.

We Work

Whatever your goals are, Parallel has the resources and energy to make them happen. We work till the job is done, regardless of how many hours it takes. We work hard but work smart as well. Our energy and resources are allocated with precision in order to get the maximum output. We don’t shoot in all directions, we take our time to bring the results to your door step.

We Deliver

We apply strategies that result in high search engine rankings, increased number of visitors, targeted traffic, lower bounce rate, higher conversion rates and higher return on investment. Parallel creates ideas that keep websites rising through the ranks. We increase rankings and make them sustainable for the near future. We deliver big results and massive ROI, it’s just how we do business.



Creative Ideas

Ideas that stick, transform and innovate your online presence. We come up with new ways of marketing to stay ahead of the competition and make your website stand out.

Custom Based Services

Services customized to your exact precision. This helps us keep the costs down and results high. Our services are very flexible based on the customer’s needs.

Working Efficiently

We work in the fastest and most productive way possible. Our years of experience lets us move quick and effortlessly.

24/7 Support

We like to keep our customers updated on the SEO process. Customer service is important to us and we are here to help you in any way possible.

Why Parallel SEO?
  • We have a clear understanding of Google algorithms and we adopt the changes as soon as there is any update.
  • We do complete SEO process to the standards that search engines have set in an affordable and cost effective manner.
  • We develop and altar sites in a way which search engines like.
  • We are the best in understanding SEO friendly website.

Recent Updates

  • SEO has always been two part. Off-site and On-Site. After Google latest updates, SEO has changed drastically. Now Off-Site and On-Site SEO go side by side for optimum results. In fact, the new SEO is more about On-Site optimization. The importance and role of Off-Site SEO still can’t be neglected but it is important to make a strategy to promote the main website.
  • Is your website not ranking good enough? It’s time for a quality check. A lot of SEO experts strive hard for optimization but neglect quality checks on regular basis. This is important to check the overall health of your website. Optimization is only worth while if the website qualifies to be ranked on top.


I’ve been extremely impressed with the services of Parallelseo. The team seems to be very professional and customer service in particular was great. Moreover, I got my keywords ranked in a very short span of time and i am highly satisfied by their Philip Turner


We believe in the quality of work that we do. Maintaining quality in our work has helped us to position ourselves as the most result oriented SEO company in the market. We measure our success through the success of our customers, so when they succeed, we succeed.